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Locally Grown Flowers for North Carolina Gardeners' Success!

The North Carolina Commercial Flower Growers Association is making it easier for you to buy your next flowers locally, with the confidence that they will provide your garden with great results. Our new NC Select Program is a seal of approval, awarded to specific varieties that have been proven to withstand wide ranging, challenging North Carolina conditions. The designation of NC Select reflects the confidence and experience of North Carolina's commercial greenhouse growers. Plants designated as NC Select varieties will provide homeowners as well as professional landscapers with an assurance of a rewarding gardening experience.

NC Select varieties, tried and true varieties, grown by North Carolina greenhouses, purchased from local garden centers, for optimum performance in North Carolina gardens.

Plant with Confidence

In partnership with NC State University's Horticulture Department and the JC Raulston Arboretum, the North Carolina Commercial Flower Growers Association are focused on helping to make gardening in North Carolina a successful experience. This website will provide information on NC Select varieties as well as general tips and gardening advice. These select varieties are proven performers in North Carolina gardens. 

Please feel free to join the gardening discussions on the FAQ page. We look forward to hearing from you. You can also join us on Facebook to interact with fellow North Carolina gardeners and plant professionals.

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